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L-Acoustics 3D acoustical and mechanical modeling software
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3D modeling

Build a simple venue model to initiate your sound system design. Or build a sophisticated model for utmost precision in your sound system design.

Build your sound system

Position any L-Acoustics loudspeaker, line-array or subwoofer in your 3D environment and quickly assess the system sound pressure level (SPL) distribution over the audience. Use the symmetry functions to duplicate and link sources, any change will affect both sources.

Real-time mapping

Predict with precision the sound pressure level (SPL) of any loudspeaker individually or the full system on the frequency range of your choice. Get results in dBA, dBC and dB unweighted. Prepare the calibration process with the delay mode and start aligning your sources.


Assess the vertical coverage of your line source and reach the optimal mechanical arrangement with Autosplay. Define an SPL distribution target and Autosplay finely adjusts the inter-element angles to optimize both wavefront integrity and SPL distribution.


Linearize the high-frequency responses throughout the audience with Autofilter. Through fast computation, Autofilter uses linear phase FIR filters to even out line source responses according to a defined contour objective, using limited amount of resources. Adjust the on-site atmospheric conditions to obtain the best results for the actual conditions.

Design criteria

Soundvision gives you criteria and indicators to quickly assess the quality of your design. Adjust loudspeaker position, inter-element angles, array processing, atmospheric conditions and evaluate the impact on SPL distribution and frequency response stability. Learn and get confident with Soundvision feedback.

Mechanical view

Open the mechanical view and get dimensions, weight and load information to prepare on-site installations, secure the rigging and acknowledge safety messages.

Installation report

Accelerate load-in time on-site with the mechanical report, giving you the adequate information for system deployment.


Import Soundvision project data into Network Manager and L-ISA Controller, and save precious set-up time.


Use SketchUp to create complex 3D scene and export them directly into Soundvision with our SU4SV plugin.


Use our complete GLL library to simulate your design with precision.


Use CLF files for non-arrayable loudspeakers and model these in CATT and ODEON.
Venue database
Thanks to the contributions of the Soundvision user community, start fast with ready-to-use and certified venue models available from the Soundvision webpage.

Camera tool

Insert cameras in your design to setup multiple views with great accuracy. Leverage the angle of view function to create artistic images or match the Soundvision view with that of a real camera.

L-ISA sound system design

For trained L-ISA engineers, get access to dedicated simulation functions to elaborate the best L-ISA design for your venue.