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L-Acoustics Kiva II

2-way passive colinear source with two 6.5 in drivers and one 1.75 in diaphragm compression driver - 15-degree enclosure angle with 100° horizontal waveguide directivity for assembling enclosures to achieve a coherent wavefront line source.

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2-way passive enclosure with two weather-resistant premium 6.5 in transducers and high output 1.75 in diaphragm compression driver coupled to a cylindrical waveguide with 110 degrees of horizontal coverage and 15° of vertical coverage. The enclosure cabinet is constructed of moisture-resistant composite material. The enclosure front is protected by a composite grill and an acoustically transparent fabric. The enclosure integrates two handles. A three-point captive hardware allows for rigging and combining with other loudspeakers of the same family to achieve a coherent wavefront line source. The line source directivity depends upon the number of elements and inter-element angles and can be matched to the audience geometry. Exclusively driven and protected by a proprietary amplified controller through a dedicated preset.